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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Fred Kaplan has a nice little round-up of jazz sides released this year over at Slate. He's right-- his sort of thing means less in jazz than it does in pop, because jazz is no longer modern popular music, and because there is so much depth in the catalogue at this point that there will always be loads you haven't heard that isn't new. Still, it's nice that someone is doing this, now that Gary Giddins is hanging up his spikes. I can vouch for the Bad Plus, and Dave Holland; I've been wanting to check out the Jackie Byard and Ahmad Jamal, and all of the Stan Getz that I've heard from his last years has been terrific. I see no reason to go out and buy the Complete Jack Johnson Sessions-- and I love Jack Johnson. At about this point, Miles' music becomes as much about Teo Macero's editing as it is about anything else, and it impresses me as a waste of time to listen to five CDs worth of work tapes when Macero has already done the work.

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