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William C. Altreuter

Monday, February 23, 2004

Books you have not read. Actually, this is authors not read. I haven't read some of them myself, and one or two I've never heard of, but what is the point of this list? Are these books or authors he's going to get to? It doesn't seem as though he is bragging about having not read these writers' works-- is he bragging about how intellectually honest he is for fessing up to having not read "anything by Thomas Hardy"? That's a funny kind of boast, isn't it? I find myself in total disagreement with the statement, "Whether I like someone or not, admire or despise them, has nothing to do with what they read. I have deep affection for, and cherish the friendship of, people who read only what I consider to be utter pap." I know people who do not read fiction, and am friends with several such. I go for long stretches during which I find that I am not reading fiction myself, but I am filled with contempt for people who do not read, or read only "what I consider pap." If all a person reads is pap, be assured that that that person's ideas are likewise pap. When I go to someone's house, if I don't see books and music in abundence, I wonder what the people who live there do.
(Via Outside A Dog.)

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