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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

From the deposition of a doctor in an asbestos case:

"Q. Is it true, isn’t it, that paragraph 5.253 does not even use the words “relative risk”?

A. It says “tenfold,” and to a scientist and epidemiologist, tenfold is relative risk. The words are not there, but as I indicated, words are words, and facts are facts, and truth is truth.

Q. Okay.

A. A rose is a rose is a rose — and if you get one word wrong in a sonnet, A rose is a rose is a rose. And if you get one word wrong in the statistics, a tenfold increase is a vast increase and should satisfy any person interested in truth.

Q. Are you as sure of the facts that the line “A rose is a rose is a rose” appeared in a Shakespeare sonnet as you are of the rest of your testimony in this case?" (From Say What?, via Unfashionable Observations, via Crescat Sententia which I found on Sua Sponte. Man, this law blog thing has really taken off, hasn't it?)

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