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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I just got an invitation for a Dyngus Day benefit for the Broadway Market. Dyngus Day, if you aren't from Buffalo, is a Polish tradition-- a sort of Easter Monday Sadie Hawkins event. The Broadway Market is a structure that houses a number of small vendors of this and that, mostly food, mostly traditional Polish fare. Around here Easter has a particularly Polish aspect to it, and a visit to the Broadway Market is something that a lot of people do once a year, to buy butter molded in the shape of lambs, and kielbasa, and other stuff like that. My mother-in-law is of Polish extraction, and Easter breakfast is her party, but I am not partial to this sort of cooking, and since I am not from here I do not view the Broadway Market through the veil of nostalgia that many people do-- it's okay, but I hardly think that it is the colorful bit out of the Old World that a lot of people say it is. And what's up with the idea of a benefit for a market? Only in Buffalo could an institution which has as its name the foundation term for free enterprise economics require a fund raiser.

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