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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I mentioned Matt Wilson's "Wake Up!" a week or so ago-- we saw Wilson at the Albright-Knox, and thought the world of him. I picked up a couple of sides by the band that we saw, which featured alto sax or bass clarinet(Andrew D'Angelo), tenor or soprano sax (Jeff Lederer), bass (Yosuke Inoue) and Wilson, on drums. I liked both of the sides I bought, but it was the side he cut with his Arts and Crafts Quartet that I'm seeing on the lists, so I picked that up in the post Christmas moratorium period. I am now more intrigued by Wilson than ever-- he put on a great show, and the range that he shows working with these two different groups is really impressive.

Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts features Terell Stafford on trumpet, Larry Golding on organ and piano, and Dennis Irwin on bass and clarinet (where'd all these clarinet players come from all of a sudden?). It took me a couple of spins to recognize it, but what it sounds kind of like is Tony Williams period Miles Davis. You know what I mean-- kinda trippy organ, trumpet, and solid, swinging drumming. Great stuff, I must say-- sometimes like "Jack Johnson", sometimes like "Filles De Kilimanjaro" or maybe "In A Silent Way" but without Wayne Shorter. It's mighty good.

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