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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I've talked a lot here about the man who I like to say, "taught me about this business", Remo Acito, but the fact is that I spent more time with, and learned just as much from his partner, Elinore Klein. Ms. Klein was fond of saying that the only thrill in law greater than running a devistating cross-examination was to stand before an appellate court, knowing that the panel didn't see it your way, and watch as your argument turned them. I've been lucky enough to experience both (and, having watched her, I must say that both were things that she could do the way some people can hail a cab)-- but I'd have to add a third to the list.

It is a treat to teach a class, and see that what you have told the students has been absorbed, and adopted to the individual style of the students. My "Depositions and Discovery" class this year has been that sort of experience this year. I love doing this, even though it makes my schedule insane, and leaves me exhausted. When I hear a student start to say "prior" and say "before" instead, or when I hear a run of questioning that just rings like a bell I am so thrilled it is probably almost comic. My little law professor fantasy is a treat that my partner and my friends and my family allow me to indulge in, and I am very luck to have the opportunity. I couldn't do it without them, and I really appreciate the help I get from them all. I think about all the great teachers I had when I was a young lawyer learning the ropes of this glamor profession, and as I drove home from class last night I thought that this year's class is one I'll dedicate to Ms.Klein, for all she taught me.
POSTCRIPT: I just learned that Remo Acito died this past November. He had not been well, as I understand it.

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