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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

The NYTimes reports that "Razom Nas Bagato!" has been accepted by the Song for Europe contest after having its lyrics changed-- it had been rejected as "too political". Of course, "Razom Nas Bagato!" is the anthem of the Ukrainian Orange Revolution, so it sort of goes without saying that the lyrics were political, and I marvel at the pusillanimity of the Song for Europe people in rejecting it on that basis in the first place. "Razom Nas Bagato!" has been rocking my iPod since I first heard it on NPR. It really is the sort of song you can imagine a whole football stadium singing-- but it'd be a shame if it's political meaning was lost: kind of like turning "For What It's Worth" into "We Will Rock You". If I had my way we'd be singing "Razom Nas Bagato!" on the steps of City Hall, outside the Erie County Legislature, in the galleries of the State Legislature. But not if it is just a song. "We are not beasts of burden! We are not goats!"

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