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Friday, April 01, 2005

Wire, "Pink Flag". Oh, Art Rock. Is there anything you can't do? I really have no idea how much stuff like this I have on my shelves, but electric guitars like this never really get old. Out of the subsonics melody seems to emerge, and although I'm sure they'd be better live, there is no disputing that on record this sounds pretty terrific. CLA (whose most recent music purchase is a decent sounding hard rock side by a band out of Las Vegas called The Killers) asked if this was The Ramones. I can see how a casual listen might give that impression; Wire is working with the same sort of sonic material. The difference for me is that The Ramones have a sense of humor (or, perhaps, a sense of humor that is accessible to me). Odd as it may sound, the Gang of Four probably had a better sense of humor than these guys. Wire is a Brit outfit too, but they are working that serious, dark European vein. That makes this fine for those times when you want loud distortion but it is probably not party music. I suspect that the reason I haven't played this in years is that I haven't lived in a dorm for years, but that is not to say that "Pink Flag" doesn't hold up.

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