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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, April 30, 2005

You know what has been driving quite a bit of traffic to this site? People looking for attorney discipline news and commentary, that's what. People who are looking for that sort of thing can go here, of course, but they won't find what they are looking for there, either.

I missed the Erie County Bar Association dinner this year, but A went, and reported that my comments on the confidentiality of the Fourth Department's disciplinary process had been noted by at least one person in a position to be looking into it. (Maybe "Outside Counsel" isn't the most widely read blawg out there, but we have solid demographics.) I say, "Good", and I also note that the carrion eaters that had been circling for the last two months seemed to have dispersed. That's also good-- it is bad enough when others disparage our glamour profession-- we shouldn't do it to ourselves. As lawyers we have an obligation to respect process, and confidentiality. Gossip respects neither, and should be beneath us.

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