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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Because she reads this, I should probably be less effusive, but the fact is that our law clerk this year is terrific. We were talking about things to cook for picky guests on Friday, kicking around a few ideas. About ten minutes after she's left for the day the phone rang: "Bill, it's ___". How would you make a red pepper spread?" I suggested incorporating roasted red peppers into hummus, and made it myself for tonight. The other thing we talked about were Arancini. When we lived in Brooklyn sometimes you'd go into the deli and there'd be a pan of Arancini there, obviously homemade. They were great, I'm here to tell you, and talking about them made me want to have some-- a stupid thing to cook on a summer Sunday, but that's how it goes. I used this recipe, pretty much, and added a cup of cooked peas, because that's how I remember them.

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