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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, June 19, 2005

A. is away for the week, driving with her sister and her sister's brood, east from Arizona in a sort of "Thelma and Louise en famille" roadtrip. I had thought that she was going to be away for ten days, which would have given me a little more time to wear down CLA and LCA's resistance to the structural reforms I am planning on instituting in her absence-- a sort of Cultural Revolution against clutter, for openers-- but it turns out that she is due back in a week. Her parting words to her daughters: "Stay alive. I will find you." A bit harsh, I'd say, in view of the fact that cleaning the refrigerator is high on my punch list. She'll find fewer weeds upon her return, that's for sure. I hit the the lawn with Weed'n'Feed before the wheels were up on the plane.

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