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Friday, July 08, 2005

To Wide Right at Mohawk Place last night, proof of KRAC Captain Tom Knab's axiom: Every night there's a great band playing somewhere, and you can't go. This show was pretty well attended, actually-- some of it looked like friends and family, but some of it looked like Thursday in the Square afters, and Mohawk regulars. In any event this is a band that deserves a wider audience. Leah Archibald writes sharply observed, clear eyed and clever lyrics, tied to crunchy, hook filled tunes that pop right along. "He looks like the kind of guy/That would have asked if I wanted a ride/Would I keep walking or agree to go/Depends if he drove a Nova or a GTO". A hilarious song about a well-known avant garde artist that we both apparently are acquainted with. "Buffalo Fight Song", which deserves to blare out of the speakers of every sports venue in town: "Bars close at 4 so you can really stay out/You know you got a lot to talk proud about!"

Ms. Archibald took the stage in a carefully preserved Buffalo Braves tee shirt and played a snappy set that included most of the stuff from their new CD. I secured a copy, and recommend it-- there really isn't a weak cut on it. Confidential to EGA: play this band-- or, better yet, bring them to NoHo. Buffalo Place-- what are these guys doing in a bar for afters? Put them on your stage!

I've yet to be steered wrong by a Christgau review. Last night continued that streak. I don't get the sense that they tour much-- in fact, I know they don't-- but if you get the chance, see them. And buy a CD.

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