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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Jessamyn West captures one of the things I love about my job-- turns out it's one of the things she loves about hers, too: "[T]he world changes and what is right for today’s librarian might not be right for tomorrow’s. So, I’d add to this list and to these lists generally, the ability to learn as you go and teach yourself new things. If someone tells me that the job I want requires intimate knowledge of the gazingus protocol, then I guess I’d better learn it, and fast. Since I have a good working knowledge of computers generally, learning something specific about them is usually not too difficult. This is helpful at my job and I bet it would be helpful at yours."

I have always maintained that one of the great things about our glamor profession is that the learning curve never plateaus. There is always something new-- some skill set to aquire, or improve at, some substantive area that we should become familiar with-- and, of course, even in the areas where we are capable, there are always new decisions, and new statutes. The great thing about law is that it never gets stale, and that, in turn, keeps us from getting stale, too.

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