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William C. Altreuter

Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm not quite sure why, but I like Nashville. It is serious about its "Music City" reputation-- just like in LA, everybody here seems to be in or associated with the principle industry of the place, and since I like music a lot more than I like movies, this charms me here. It's okay to fess up and say that you're not that big into Country-- as long as you hedge a little, and add, "But of course, I love Johnny Cash". On my flight down I thought I'd get in the mood by setting my iPod to shuffle only Country, and I mentioned this at the reception. "I've got a lot of Laura Cantrell," I said. "She's from here, isn't she?" The lawyer who is hosting this conference said, "Why, this fellow here practices with her mother!" and introduced me. Come to find out that Laura Cantrell, who I sort of think of as a private star to my family is the daughter of two very prominent members of the legal community hereabouts: her mother, Rose P. Cantrell, was the first woman in the history of Davidson County to serve as a judge of a trial court of record in Davidson County, and her father, The Hon. Ben H. Cantrell is a highly respected appeals court judge. Around here they seem to think that it is pretty funny that Laura went to New York City to make it big in the music business, and you can kind of see their point.

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