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William C. Altreuter

Monday, October 17, 2005

In the shower this morning my razor broke. The pivoting head came away from the part that clips onto the handle, and there I was, forced to hold the blade part between my fingers and shave by running the cartridge along my face. It was my travel razor, which is the same exact handle as I use at home, but I hate buying blades, which are expensive, and wear out quickly, so I don't carry extra blades. Since I use my travel razor only when I am traveling, I figure that I don't have to replace the blades all that often. I figure exposure to soap and shave cream and what all breaks down the plastic over time, and that's what happened. I knew I needed to buy blades, and I passed drugstores all day, but it wasn't until I was walking back to my hotel after dinner tonight that I remembered. There weren't any drugstores in view, so I went into one of those delis that sell porn and cigarettes and soda and newspapers. I looked around and then asked the guy behind the counter if they had razors. He reached for a packet of single edged, which was not what I was after, but then I spotted a rack of Gillette Sensor Excel, so I pointed to those. Before I left this morning I'd made a note that the handle said "Gillette". The thing is, razors all have names that sound like 60's sci-fi spaceships, and I couldn't remember for sure what the name of the kind I use is.

I use Gillette's Mach 3, it turns out. I just tried using the stupid Sensor Excel blade by holding it between my fingers-- just to see if maybe I could fake it tomorrow morning. It is a wonder I didn't slice my fool head off. If the maid had come in before I finished cleaning up I'd be sitting in a cell and the cops would be looking for the body.

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