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William C. Altreuter

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Joe Conason: "This is the second instance when a president named Bush has foisted an unimpressive Supreme Court nominee on the nation, abusing "diversity" while implausibly claiming to have chosen the best possible nominee.

"The first time was the elevation of Clarence Thomas, which turned into a kind of tragedy. And now, accompanied by bogus accusations of sexism and conservative fratricide, the promotion of Harriet Miers is quickly becoming a farce."

I'm not sure what Conason means when he refers to the Thomas appointment as "a kind of tragedy", although I agree with the notion. Certainly Thomas' presence on the bench represents an offensive, cynical view of American ideals and American jurisprudence-- two things that I hold dear. And I suppose it is true that the Thomas hearings revealed the United States Senators that participated as the sort of poltroons we should have known them for all along.

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