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Monday, December 12, 2005

Is there anything more expensive than a free alley cat? I thought that our senior alley cat seemed to be losing weight, and was maybe drinking a lot of water. I ruled out chronic alcoholism, and thought maybe diabetes, but I dreaded taking the animal to the vet. Sometimes showing them a $50 bill, then pretending to rip it up works: it's a simple enough slight-of-hand, and the cat is pleased by the expensive display of concern, accomplished without having to get in the carrier and go to the vet, which they hate. Maybe I should have tried it with a C-note, because it didn't work this time. Instead it was off to the Summer Street Cat Clinic, where they are not impressed with prestidigitation, and want to keep the money. They took blood, and established that it was not a thyroid disorder-- which is good, because I'm not sure I'd have been down with sharing my meds with an alley cat. They were concerned about a urinary tract infection, which meant that we had to collect and deliver a sample of cat pee. I'll just gloss over the details here, if you don't mind. Now they are thinking kidney, and are prescribing a regimen of steroids. Maybe we should have just gotten a new alley cat-- one with an untwistable stomach

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