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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Over the years other people have come with us, but picking out the tree is traditionally something that CLA and I do together, and she has aquirred an expertise in this annual aesthetic challenge. The demands of our long, high-ceilinged living room mean that we need a tall, full Tannenbaum, with a lot of branches for the ornaments that we've acquired over the years. There are ornaments from both A's and my grandparents, and the macaroni stuff that our kid have made, and the two margarine tubs that my youngest brother glued together-- the "Lassie" inscription, in glitter, is worn away now, but it is still the Lassie ornament. Actually, like any great Christmas tree ours is a good balance of the sorts of thing my mother called "cat ornaments" when we were kids, and nicer pieces. The cat ornaments are the low hanging fruit, and I daresay that nieces and nephews have done more damage to them than the cats ever did. There's even one that I remember sampling myself-- it looks less delicious to me today, but I'm glad to see it every year.

I wonder how it is that "Colder than a Christmas tree salesman" has escaped becoming a part of the idiom? If there is a colder profession, I don't care to know what it is-- the welldiggers have nothing on these guys. CLA and I wandered two lots before the tree that spoke to her revealed itself, and the entire process was finger-numbing. We are stringing lights now, and I'm thinking that this is a pretty outstanding pick.

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