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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pathetically, at this stage in my life I read the annual Pazz & Jop poll mostly to see what I have no idea about. Much to my surprise, this year I know and like several of the sides on the Dean's List (including one in the top three-- whoo-hoo!). On the other hand, who is this Kanye West fellow? And how does he pronounce his name-- is it "Kenny"? "Ken-Nay"? I am reminded of the fact that although I have long been an admirer of Mariah Carey's album covers and in-store displays, I'm pretty sure I have never, ever heard a Mariah Carey song. I know for sure I couldn't identify one if you gave me a blindfold test.

At some point being a rock critic has got to reach an exhaustion point, don't you think? I really wonder when these guys have time to play whatever it is that they really love, instead of whatever it is that's new. There was a time when I could hardly wait to hear something new, but right now in my house there are a half-dozen CDs that A "won" at a fundraiser that I just haven't had time to get to. Christgau has been in this game since the 60's-- I'd love his record collection, but I'm not so sure I'd want his job these days.

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