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Friday, March 31, 2006

To a mediation yesterday at the Larkin Building. Of course, it's not the real one-- I've joked for years that Graycliff should sell shirts with a picture of the real one and the caption, "Buffalo-- We've Torn Down More Frank Lloyd Wright Buildings Than Most Cities Even Have". This Larkin building is actually a Larkin warehouse that was better known to folks around here as the old Graphic Controls place. It sat for years, nearly a ruin, until they fixed it up and turned it into office space, and make no mistake, they did a fine job of it. It's mighty big, although apparently it was not one of the bigger buildings on the Larkin Complex: in this illustration it is the building on the left. None of the rest of those buildings are there now-- so it dominates the view, and it affords terrific views, of the city to the north, and of the remains of Buffalo's industrial infrastructure and the lake to the west. I have to say I like it better than a suburban office park-- they knew how to build 'em a hundred years ago-- but in the end I'm not so sure that there is all that much difference between working in the middle of nowhere in the 'burbs or the middle of nowhere in the old industrial quarter. There's the Swan Street Tavern two blocks over, and a cafeteria in the building, but for anything else you are getting in your car. Nice to visit, but not for me.

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