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Monday, March 27, 2006

We finished up with "Firefly" this weekend, watching the dvd of the shows that we hadn't seen Saturday, then watching "Serenity" last night. I can understand why the show sank without a trace, even though I liked it. For all that it had a pleasing light touch, it seemed a tad too fond of its loping, laconic style. "Buffy" was fast paced, and this helped to suspend disbelief. "Firefly" was more amiable, and this gave me time to wonder too much about how the ship was viable as a business, and what the basis of the economy portrayed was-- they seemed to get paid in coins, mostly. Maybe that's why the ship looked like it was lit with 60 watt bulbs

I'm glad we approched it the way we did. I don't think the movie would stand alone. Still, it was nice to see what they were able to do with a budget. For the most part I have resisted the impulse to watch television programs on dvd-- if it is a show I am enjoying, the impulse to watch a whole bunch at one sitting is too much for me. This is not the best way to watch tv, and it is possible that "Firefly" suffered some from being watched that way. I am in the process of making a mental list of things to do with EGA when she returns from the Middle Kingdom-- I think we may have a second look then, if only so she can translate the swearing.

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