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Monday, April 03, 2006

For some time now our yard has been spared the title of "Worst Yard on the Block" strictly by virtue of the fact that the two houses two houses down on either side were serious contenders. The house next to the house on the left is essentially abandoned; the house two houses down on the right is occupied by a couple that, apparently, just don't give a damn. Since we live on a block with several legitimate Garden Walk contenders the concentration of blight on our stretch is pretty noticeable. For a long time it was attributable to A's notion that our yard should be "organic"-- a fine thing for hippie vegetable gardens, I suppose, but an absurdity for a lawn. Last summer I finally got fed up and hit the yard with Weed'n'Feed. That seemed to help somewhat, but last weekend CLA raked up the winter debris, and we found that winter debris-- and a patch of yellow zoysia grass-- were all that we had. It is official now-- we have the Worst Yard on the Block. I put down seed and fertilizer Saturday, but right now it is raw dirt-- and the yellow zoysia grass -- and it looks mighty bad. I'm surprised the neighbors haven't gotten a petition up. "At least it looks like a work in progress," CLA said. Maybe. Really what it looks like is a mess, and we don't even have the excuse of being a haunted house-- or not caring.

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