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William C. Altreuter

Friday, April 07, 2006

Patrick Smith's "Ask the Pilot" column in Salon perfectly captures the bled of excitement and tedium that constitutes most travel. I like this week's piece, about airport amenities and the things that make airports less comfortable. I hate the ubiquitous televisions too, and the people who think escalators (and moving walkways) are rides. I also hate that American airports charge for the luggage carts-- I make a point of not carrying change when I travel, so I never have quarters and end up with my stuff draped all over me like a sherpa. Smith doesn't mention the $6 beers, but at least the bar at the JetBlue terminal has decent $6 beer on tap. Actually, the JetBlue terminal, which is, after all, where I spent most of my terminal time, is pretty good. The food is acceptable, the noise level is managable, the distance between gates is minimal, and there is free WiFi.

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