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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Years ago Calvin Trillin wrote a piece about craving macaroni and cheese-- "Kraft dinner" specifically. He made some, and found it disapointing, only to discover, the following day that what he'd really been craving was reheated Kraft dinner. I thought of this today when I read Frank Bruni's piece on mac'n'cheese-- either of the versions references sound great, but I'm not so sure the reality would measure up. Last night I was thinking about writing another "Memorable Meal" piece for Spree-- presumably we'll be doing another food issue at some point-- and I remembered my lunch at Sonny Bryan's. Macaroni and Cheese is available as a vegitable at Sonny's, but I had the blackeyed peas and the greens. I have no regrets, but I think I need to get back there for further study.

UPDATE: Looks like I am misremembering: I couldn't have had greens and blackeyed peas. I do know that I had the beef brisket.

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