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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

To the Desmond Moot Court competition last night-- the event that determines which 2L's will make the Moot Court Board at UB. I got lucky on my co-panelists, and learned a little myself, which made the event doubly pleasurable. I was not crazy about the problem this year-- Meridith v. Jefferson County Board of Education, an affirmative action case in which I suspect the Supreme Court may be inclined to make a narrow, fact-based determination that will not be useful to anyone with good intentions. I can see a lot of anguished hand-wringing about whether the courts should still be in the business of supervising integration-- and some discussion about the extent to which they ever should have been. Still, the students did well, I thought, and it always heartens me to see that the people who practice in my community are, for the most part, right thinking. Maybe it's just the lawyers who volunteer as judges, but that's still enough to reassure me that I live in a Blue state.

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