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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Some years back we had an intern from Germany working out of our New York office. We were in a more expansive head back then, and frequently took on European students who were looking for a brief experience with US law, but until Angelica they were always in Buffalo, where we were, rather than in New York, which was a room with a phone line and a terrific view, but no full-time employee. She was fine with this-- she was really mostly interested in being in New York, where her boyfriend was, and although we gave her stuff to read, and she sat in on a deposition or two, and went to court once or twice, she really didn't do much. Her name hasn't crossed my mind in forever, but just now, as I was purging my email I saw that I'd received spam from her name. I guess it's like the millions of monkeys with typewriters.

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