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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's a funny thing, the way the search terms people use to find their way to Outside Counsel reveal what's in the air. I've known for months that there were bigger things in store for Erin Peradotto because she's been getting Googled a lot. Congratulations to her, and to Justices Eugene Fahey and Robert Lunn, named to the Appellate Division, 4ht Department. I am not acquainted with Justice Lunn, but Justice Fahey is a class act-- the kind of judge you hope you are going to get. I have never been before Justice Peradotto, but she was the sort of lawyer that makes a good judge, and I'm sure she'll be interesting to argue in front of. I am not sure, but I believe that Justice Fahey may be the first Democrat outgowing Governor Pataki has promoted. Although the judges he picked over the years were capable, he hasn't been very good at promoting diversity, and it will be interesting to see how Spitzer approaches this task. He gets a Court of Appeals pick right out of the gate, and the field is an interesting one: Appellate Division Justice Richard Andrias, a Democrat from Manhattan; Appellate Division Justice Steven W. Fisher, a Democrat from Queens; Appellate Division Justice Thomas E. Mercure, a Republican from Washington County; Manhattan Supreme Court Justice James A. Yates, a Democrat, George Carpinello, a private lawyer in Albany (and brother of Appellate Division Justice Anthony Carpinello); and two African Americans, Deputy Chief Administrative Judge Juanita Bing Newton and Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Theodore Jones Jr.. Carpinello's firm's site is in Flash, which is annoying, but he is an intriguing dark horse. Fisher's name has been on The List several times in the past, as has Mercure.

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