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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nichole Black has been doing an outstanding job of tracking the effect of the pending change in New York's lawyer advertising rules on blogging over at Sui Generis. It is an interesting issue, and one that Ms. Black, Matthew Lerner and I got to discuss with Jim Milles on his podcast. The point made by Professor Larry Ribstein in the letter Nichole quotes is a good one: "Any blog by a practicing lawyer obviously promotes the lawyer’s skill and knowledge to some extent. At the same time, even the most blatantly self-promoting weblog may include both important ideas and valuable information about legal services that deserve constitutional protection." Even this blog, with its amateur Dylanology and whatever all else I write about here would fall into the category that is being regulated. There are certainly blawgs out there that are intended as promotional, but I'm not sold on the notion that any web presence by a lawyer should be subject to Appellate Division regulation.

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