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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Buffalo News' Colin Dabkowski said, "As Candy, Chet Carlin gives us a lovable old codger who delivers some of the few lines of humor in the play ("I think Curly married himself a tart") to great laughter. His is one of the more dynamic characters, and he shines particularly in a scene where he must abandon the dream he shared with George and Lennie - their own best-laid plans that can't possibly come to fruition. Other highlights are Wiley Moore as Crooks, the stable buck, and local actor David Autovino as the gossipy ranch hand Whit."

So we went to see for ourselves. My Uncle has played Studio Arena in the past, but not during our time in Buffalo, so we've been excited about seeing him since we learned he was coming through, about a month ago. I am pleased to report that both the production and my uncle are terrific, and well worth seeing.

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