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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cross-Posted from the KRAC Blog:

Ways I Am Prepared For The Los Angeles Marathon:

--Gu-- 4 packs, 2 Chocolate Outrage, 2 Vanilla Bean
--Cliff Bloks
--Extra Strength Tylenol-- fast acting gel tabs
--Body Glide
--KRAC singlet
--RaceReady shorts
--Nike Maxisight contacts
--Host gift(Highland Park 12 year old-- the Official Whisky of the Keith Richards Athletic Club)

Ways I Am Not Prepared:

--Adequate training miles
-- I should get a haircut. (At least there is still time for that.)

Other Concerns:

The miles I have put in have been over snow and ice. This has had an effect on my gait-- I have been obliged to take smaller steps, and have seldom been able to open my stride. Who knows how this will affect me over 26.2?

Weather, specifically heat. I'd say the average temperature for my long runs has been around 20°. It is 56° in the City of Angels as I write this-- not roasting, but a significant difference nevertheless. I did two hours at Alumni Arena last week (the tedium is somewhat mitigated by the co-eds) and found the heat to be a complicating factor.

Don't get me wrong-- I figure I'm in for up to three hours of fun. Too bad about the other hour and a half or so.

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