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William C. Altreuter

Thursday, February 22, 2007

I figured they were only holding out to get lunch, but no. Scooter Libby's jury wants art supplies, too: a large flip chart, masking tape, and Post-it notes; and any one of the documents with pictures of the witnesses. (I wonder if any of those were actually admitted into evidence? It sounded like they were more for demonstrative purposes during summation.)

We had this happen in a trial of ours, actually (one of our associates tried the case, in Saratoga County). The jury wanted Post-its, different colored markers and a flip chart, and as I recall they were out overnight. This sounds to me like it could end up a hung jury-- someone is trying to make someone's case in there.

It's a damn shame that Bush and Cheney won't be going to jail because of this awful war, but Judith Miller did, and if Scooter goes too, that'll be fine with me. I'd sent Colin Powell if I could, and if I started looking around the Senate chamber there are a number of members who would be well advised to hide behind the Candy Desk. Yes, I'm looking for you, Joe.

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