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Friday, March 02, 2007

In Los Angeles for the marathon (marathon posts will be at the KRAC blog). I find myself falling for this seductive Eden-- could there be a more perfect embodiment of the American Dream fulfilled? What kind of cynical Puritan could resist this place? Sure it is as plastic as a Jarvik heart. Of course its idea of history extends no further back than Mary Pickford. Naturally the only way it would be possible to live comfortably here would be to have more money than the Pope and Bob Dylan combined-- (actually, we drove by Dylan's house last night, so I suppose you just need Bob Dylan money) but it also holds out the allure of attaining all that, and eternal youth as well. What a nutty town.

Our host is a old friend of Jim's wife, an itinerant playwrite who teaches religion at an exclusive Catholic high school for girls. He lives in the guest cottage behind a house in Brentwood around the corner from where O.J. Simpson and Kato Kaylan shared a simliar arrangement. We've seen the footprints at Grauman's Chinese Theater and loosed up this morning with a 30 minute run. I think I will subsist on fruit while I'm here-- it just seems like the right thing to eat when in Eden.

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