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Friday, March 30, 2007

My parents got me Cormac McCarthy's The Road for Christmas, and I'm about two-thirds through it. It's short, and I read the first half in one sitting, but it is also the kind of book where the characters find a rusty can of pears and you just know that something that good can only mean that something really horrible is about to happen. It's like Stephen King meets Samuel Beckett, only without the laughs. And now Oprah says everyone has to read it.

A few years back Just Buffalo and WBFO co-sponsored "What if Everybody in Buffalo Read the Same Book?" and had us all read "A Lesson Before Dying". It was quite a scene. You'd be at Delaware Park watching your kid play soccer, and next to you there'd be someone sobbing, reading the damn thing. I can see something similar happening with this.

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