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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

To "All's Well That Ends Well" at Shakespeare in Delaware Park over the weekend, btw. I'd meant to write about it earlier, then forgot until I discovered that Outside Counsel is number 1 on Google for Kate LoConti, who has the lead. Until I checked I wasn't sure where I'd seen her before (she was Ophelia in 2005's "Hamlet". I liked her in that, too.) It's a tough play to do, but Ms. LoConti does well just by playing it straight. Actually, that's pretty much what everyone does, and it works because it respects the material. There is no attempt made to make these disagreeable people anything more than what they are, and the net effect is that we get the story pretty much the way Shakespeare wrote it. If the opportunity presented itself, I'd buy another bottle of wine and see it again, actually. It is not performed often, and I am inclined to cram as much Shakespeare into my life as I can. Next year, to my vexation, Shakespeare in the Park will be presenting only one play, followed by "Kiss Me, Kate." I like Cole Porter fine, but I'd rather see "Titus Andronicus".

"Othello" after July 26-- "All's Well" closes on the 15th.

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