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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

To "The Rise of the Silver Surfer" last night. If you are the sort of person who saw the trailer and said, "Wow! They're adapting Fantastic Four issues 48 through 50!" then the chances are that you've already seen it-- and that you liked it well enough. My geek kung fu doesn't rise to quite that level, which is why we saw it a month after its release, in an empty theater, but I liked it well enough. Good fx, good handle on characters that are as familiar to me as any in literature. I think it is particularly notable that the film recognizes something that not everyone who has worked on the series gets: the FF is about The Thing. Ben Grimm's pathos, and his heart, are what distinguishes this group. It can be over-played, but it must not be underplayed. I'd say that FF2 is the equal of its predecessor, and if it is not quite as good as the X-Men movies, well, that's still pretty good. Spiderman has better villains, and the X-Men has a more engaging social theme. I'd go see the next FF movie, but I'm not sure where they can take it. We've established that they will kick Dr. Doom's ass every time-- who are they going to roll out next? Mole Man? Sub Mariner? You see the problem.

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