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Monday, January 21, 2008

A funny sort of weekend, over which we did a great deal, and yet felt as though little was accomplished. Saw the Sabres score 10 goals, and as I write this I hope that someone who needs it more is enjoying the yellow Bill Rogers touque-- LCA complained bitterly whenever I wore it, and I must admit that although it was soft and warm, it was also hideous. It was a nice Buffalo kind of thing to do for CLA's last evening in town before returning to school, which is what we did Saturday. Her Christmas break was the longest, a chance to spend time that we didn't feel like we had with any of our other guests this year. My brother's epic journey from the Antipodes did not yield a great deal of time for us to really do anything together, and EGA's visit, although longer, was marked by her characteristic restlessness. CLA was anxious to get back to Geneseo and resume her life there, but it was low-level anxiety, and when we got her there she was fine with letting us linger a bit. We bought some dorm room items, and split a pizza, and felt the oddly satisfying melancholy of knowing that she is doing well away from us.

And then yesterday I made steak and mushroom pie. Jamie Oliver had been the only tolerable thing to watch as I was giving blood Saturday morning, and he'd been demonstrating pastry technique, so I made a beef stew with Guinness for the filling, and horsed around rolling out and folding dough. The trick was to freeze the butter, then grate it into the sifted flour.

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