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William C. Altreuter

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I'm sorry to see John Edwards drop out-- I was working up to voting for him, and although I still can, of course, there's not really any point to going with a candidate that really represents such a significant compromise on what I'm actually looking for. He seems well intentioned, and although I'm seeing people say that he comes off as a phoney, I can't say that I ever thought that. I guess my Edwards problem has been that he was such a nothing when he debated Dick Cheney. If that was the best he could do against the Prince of Darkness, it's tough to imagine that he'd do better against a more personable Republican. McCain would carve him up, is what I'm saying, and as a trial lawyer I find that disappointing.

I'm thinking Obama right now. What the hell, we aren't going to get single-payer anyway. The better he does in New York, the more likely he is to stop the only candidate likely to lose this race, and I like the idea of a President who isn't a Boomer. Stupid Mike Gravel-- he's in the top three now, and I don't get to vote for him.

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