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Friday, February 01, 2008

LCA had a group of her friends over the other night. Because they are high school girls and Unitarians they are also vegetarians, so A. bought some hummus for them. They didn't eat it, probably because there was nothing to put it on, so last night I made pita bread. It's sort of backwards when you think about it-- hummus is a snap to make, so that's what we bought; pita bread is a production, so I was baking until 10 o'clock. Anyway, it turns out that pita is pretty straightforward. Yeast, water, sugar. Flour,salt, a little more water, put the bowl in a warm place (which turns out to not be my kitchen, go figure, but the oven has a "bread proofing" setting that works great). The trick, to the extent that it amounts to a trick, is a hot, 500° oven, and a pre-heated cookie sheet. Roll 'em out, slap them on the sheet, flip and you're done. Pretty nifty.

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