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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

This is the sort of toy I have wanted on election nights my entire life.

I really thought Obama had a better shot at New York than it turned out, but California didn't surprise me. Missouri is an interesting development-- I think he's got a long road, but I like his chances in Maryland and Wisconsin. Meanwhile, on the Red side of the dial, Huckabee continues to be patronized, and continues to roll along. He swept the South, which makes him a lot more important than anyone is admitting, and on the NBC News interview that I saw he was both feisty and charming. The media (like, for instance, the odious Tim Russert) act like Huck is McCain's sidekick, but I still think he has more potential. Mittens is all but out of the running, having demonstrated once more the counter-intuitive truth that money isn't what gets you the Republican nomination. I thought it was interesting that one of the talking heads said that McCain the Maverick (how conservative do you have to be to make these people happy?) should reach out to Phil Gramm in order to start mending fences. Phil Gramm knew how to throw it around like a drunken sailor, and seems to me to therefore be a more natural Romney ally.

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