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Monday, February 11, 2008

A weekend characterized by three or four weekends worth of stuff. CLA and the rest of the Geneseo Warthogs were in town for Winterfest, a Sevens tournament sponsored by the Buffalo Rugby Club, played at Front Park, on the shores of Lake Erie. There's a lot more sports that goes on than anyone knows about-- this thing, which was crazy Rugby, played in snow and mud, had forty teams, from all over-- Potsdam and Albany, Syracuse and South Buffalo. The park was ringed with barrels filled with burning broken up pallets and the whole thing was a glorious mess.

Then to James "Blood" Ulmer at Bruce Eaton's Hunt Real Estate Art of Jazz at the Albright-Knox. Amazing stuff, blues that is based in the harmolodics theory of Ornette Coleman. Couldn't stay for the whole set, because SqueakyWheel's Peepshow was also Saturday night.

Sunday was breaking down Peepshow, loading and unloading the truck. It occurred to me as we were doing this that doing art requires a lot more than vision-- the technical skills that are necessary to operate as an artist include knowing how to use a hammer and a scaffold. Fortunately, there is also a place for people who can help schlep stuff, so I was able to make myself useful.

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