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Friday, March 07, 2008

Here's my question: how come Tim Russert doesn't ask questions like this? If they'd let the kids ask follow-up questions, we'd really be getting somewhere.

What is kind of galling, actually, is that CNN plays this story for cute laughs, rather than for what it is. McCain totally ducks the question about age, and although I suppose he should get some sort of credit for being candid about his bigotry, he isn't actually. "I appreciate your views," in this context means the same thing as, "With all due respect."

And what about this? "I was the only one of the major Republican candidates who adamantly, vociferously opposed the [former Defense Secretary Donald] Rumsfeld strategy and fought hard for the strategy [of using more troops] that we're employing today," he told reporters. "The others thought it was fine. That's because they don't have the knowledge or background and experience that I do on issues of national security. That's a clear indication of it." First of all, I have never been exactly clear on what being a prisoner of war has to do with foreign policy expertise. Did they have a library there where he could study? Beyond that, is he seriously arguing that things are swell in Iraq? Because that is not the morning news I'm hearing.

Seriously, is McCain really going to run on a platform that amounts to four more years of the same? Because I am loving that strategy.

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