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Monday, April 07, 2008

The hilarious part about a McCain-Rice ticket is that it would make sense in terms of their policy goals. Those policies are demonstrably disastrous, and unpopular to boot, but that really wouldn't be the point, would it?

It seems to me that the notion that this tandem would have cross-over racial appeal is off the mark, although I suppose if HRC somehow got the nomination she'd really only have one option to fill out her ticket.

Back to the GOP, though. The entire strength of McCain-Rice would be on foreign policy. McCain admits he doesn't know anything about economic policy, and Condy has no background in it either. It seems to me that the economy is the big unresolved issue in this election, isn't it? I mean, we've figured out the war (Bad idea. We hate it.)This pairing essentially amounts to saying, hey, you 22% of the electorate that still likes the way W and Cheney have things set up, here's your chance to get 4 more years! I don't see that as a big selling point.

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