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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I should get back to writing something about the Law sometime. Would it count if I complained about the single-spaced papers I got the other day? What about if I added that the author of these papers turns out to be one of those people who put things between quotation marks for emphasis? Don't you "hate" that? On top of that, this character is one of those people who never learned the rule about "its". Every time he wants to make "it" plural it's like a thumb in the eye. I mean, please. We are in federal court. They have rules about margins, and spacing, and probably about apostrophes. Why hasn't the Clerk of the Court stepped in and done something?

In Bob Dylan related news today, fans of "Theme Time Radio" should check out "Dreamtime-- Commentary on Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour". Talk about niche programing, and yet it works. I will absolutely be following up on the recommendation to pick up on the "Invisible Republic" collection.

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