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William C. Altreuter

Sunday, April 06, 2008

What does it tell us that the presumptive Republican nominee for President graduated at the bottom of his class? I mean, I suppose it all has something to do with normal bell distributions, maybe, although it seems to me that fifth from the bottom is pretty far down the curve. Couldn't they have found someone who was in the 48th percentile maybe? It's interesting to think about when the Republicans started nominating stupid guys-- it was after Nixon, who was too smart by half. Gerry Ford wasn't all that stupid, but he came across as a dope, and then St. Reagan. They'd have you think that Ronnie was smarter than he seemed, but I'm not buying it. I'd be the first to admit that success in school is not necessarily an indication of actual intelligence, or even a particularly good predictor of success in life, but wouldn't you think the Republican Party would take a flier on someone with better than a C- average once a generation or so? Let's add it up: McCain was a lousy student, and a Navy pilot whose principle distinction before he was shot down and captured was reflected in the nickname "Crash". He married well, the second time. His tenure in Congress is notable because he got caught taking money he shouldn't have, and now he says he doesn't do that anymore. Somebody help me please-- what is it that is supposed to be so admirable about this guy?

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