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Monday, June 09, 2008

What I think is the saddest part is that people are still in denial about the energy crisis that we're in. I hear folks say all kinds of dumb stuff about energy costs, but my two favorites are, “It’ll go back down,” and “They’ll come up with alternatives to oil.” As to the first, there is no basis for believing that. Oil is a non-renewable commodity, and the demand for it is increasing. The price of oil fluctuates somewhat, but it has never really gone down-- you can't remember dollar gas unless you are my age, and if you are my age you remember that it was a big deal when pumps had to be fitted to accommodate gas prices over .99¢. They are fitting out pumps to accommodate three-figure fill-ups now. Energy costs are like anything else-- they don't go down unless demand goes down.

As for the second, if they invented solar cars tomorrow, what would change? Would you file the VIN off your car, take the plates off and walk away? Would you expect that your car would have any value towards a trade-in?

This is the crisis that has been coming since the 70’s. It is strange that we don’t recognize it.

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