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Monday, September 29, 2008

To Kathleen Edwards last night, at the Ninth Ward in Babeville. It is a smaller space than I would have anticipated, in the basement, and about the size of a basement rec room, but nicely done. The audience was mostly a mix of old hippies, Canadians and old Canadian hippies, and although I think of Kathleen Edwards as a personal discovery, these people felt far more proprietary.

She puts on a solid show. Her musical director, Jim Bryson, accompanied her on guitar and keyboards, and although friends we saw at the show tell us that she is great with a full band, in this setting they worked well as a duo. Bryson's guitar is a signature part of Edward's recorded sound, so that distinctive lead over her guitar was present throughout. Although I like her ballads well enough, it is the up-tempo stuff that brought me to her, and they did it all. She saved "Back to Me" till the end, a performance in which she invited two dudes from the audience (not the two guys in the Expos helmets) to take up the tambourine and the shaker that were on stage and provide rhythm support. They were surprisingly solid.

Our weekend music options had been Edwards or the B-52s at Rockin' at the Knox, then circumstances intervened and we had a different commitment for Saturday night. I am curious about the B-52s, but things worked out well for us.

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