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William C. Altreuter

Friday, October 10, 2008

Jimmy Cobb is the last surviving musician from "Kind of Blue". Has been for quite a while, actually. Trane died in 67. Paul Chambers died in 1969, Wynton Kelly died in 1971. Cannonball died in 1975, Bill Evans in 1980. Miles died in 1991. Teo Macero, who deserves to be included on the list died just this year. It's funny that so many of the people Miles played with have similar stories about how they were hired. Cobb talks about having to get from New York to Boston in three hours, and when Dave Holland played here a few years back he talked about having to book a flight from England as soon as Miles hung up.

If I were making a list of my favorite sides, two a year for each year I've been alive, the way this guy did, of course "Kind of Blue" would be on it, but the process of composing such a list impresses me as weirdly arbitrary, and ultimately unrewarding.

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