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William C. Altreuter

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

You never reach a place in our glamor profession where you've seen it all, but after a few years you start to recognize people's fingerprints. When I saw that counsel for New York County Surrogate-elect Nora S. Anderson is arguing that she should still be sworn in even though the Manhattan district attorney is currently prosecuting her on felony charges of concealing improper political contributions during her campaign for the bench one name popped into my mind: Godosky! As it happens, In re Cornelius, 48 N.Y.2d 1014 (N.Y. 1980)actually support's Dick's position. I can picture him in my mind's eye, handing up a photocopy of the decision. The part of the argument that has Ms. Anderson being the sole support of her aged, ill mother is the argument that he could make in his sleep, but having a Court of Appeals case up his sleeve is vintage Dick Godosky. Where he really had fun, I'm sure, was attacking the administrator of the state Commission on Judicial Conduct for not including the Cornelius decision in his submission. Dick has a great capacity for turning purple with indignation, and I'll bet he was glowing like a Monsignor's vestments for that.

For what it's worth, Judge Cornelius was cleared, and went on to a long career on the bench. I tried a few cases in front of him myself, and I'll bet Dick Godosky has too.

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