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Sunday, February 08, 2009

I've had a venison tenderloin in the freezer for a bit. I love game, but my politics make it impossible to go get my own-- until I can hunt deer with a brick we are forced to depend upon the generosity of friends. The gift of the tenderloin-- a prize cut-- was pretty special, and I wanted to use it in something good. This recipe looked appealing, and turned out well. Next time I'll use the mustard it calls for-- A. says she hates mustard, but it would have married the flavors well, and what I think she means is that she hates yellow mustard. It might also benefit from a mix of white wine and dry vermouth instead of just white wine-- the vermouth would add a herbaceous note. As I recall, the last time I did venison I marinated it in a gin based liquid-- clearly deer go best with martinis.

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