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Monday, June 08, 2009

I made this Rhubarb Ice Cream over the weekend, and was quite pleased with the results. (I've had good results with Kevin Weeks' recipes pretty generally.) Rhubarb is a funny ingredient-- apart from using it in as a pie filling I haven't worked with it much, but I'll bet there are a lot o cool things it could be used in. It cooks down quickly and easily; I almost didn't bother pureeing it. It seems to be used mostly the way one would use a tart fruit, which suggests to me that it might be interesting with pork, perhaps the way apples work with pork chops. It's a short season or rhubarb, and it's one of those vegetables, like burdock, that are sort of like weeds unless there are yuppies who will buy them. You can find rhubarb growing wild in abandoned fields, or you can pay four bucks a bunch at the Bidwell Parkway farmer's market.

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